How It Works

Yoobux is a digital currency enabling members to be paid for all the value they generate for big name brands and merchants.

High Value

You can save, sell, trade, transfer, or turn Yoobux into cash at the posted exchange rate at any moment.

Fully Secure

Zapcow created a banking system which controls the Yoobux virtual currency and is absolutely safe and secure

Revolutionary method to be paid for your loyalty

You can now earn money straight to your Yoobux account simply by visiting participating websites.

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Build Your Customer Community

As a Merchant, you can customize the loyalty rewards distribution to fit your needs and budget. And best of all you can reach new customers and remain in contact with past customers all from the Yoobux Merchant Portal.

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WHY Use Yoobux

Yoobux is a revolutionary method that allows users to be paid for their loyalty, and merchants to stay in touch with their customers.


Yoobux is a new fiat
cyber-currency that
rewards consumers for
the value they bring to brands

Simple to Use

Download Yoobux app
Create profile
And start collecting Yooprints


Yoobux is a fair and easy method to convert your loyalty into a real investment vehicle


Purchase Yooprints in blocks of one million and set how to distribute them to potential customers through the merchant portal.


Gather meaningful customer data in real time period Engage with customers Build their loyalty


Create your custom banner and list in Yoobux directory period Monitor customer activity through GeoLocation and award Yooprints as they are earned.

Beta version available on your favorite platform

frequently asked questions

Members can profit from the Yoobux patented system by simply downloading the app and visiting the websites that appear in your members banner feed. In doing so, you will collect Yooprints. Collect enough of them and they automatically exchange to Yoobux. Then you can exchange your Yoobux into cash and have the funds transferred to you. You can also transfer them to another Yoobux member in the system, but best of all, you can keep them as they are designed to pay out an automatic dividend once the Yoobux value reaches a set ceiling. The longer you keep your Yoobux, the longer you can benefit from this residual income. All from doing what you are now doing for free. With Yoobux, your loyalty is rewarded with cash.

As you go about your day, you may find yourself passing through preset zones like areas near billboards or shopping malls to name a few. These participating advertisers can then send notifications to your Yoobux feed with a Yooprints reward offer to visit their website. The more banner offers you participate in, the more Yooprints you gather. Have fun.

The Yooprints exchange rate fluctuates between 8 000 and 20 000 Yooprints per 1 Yoobux depending on the its value. The exchange is performed automatically and the Yoobux will then appear in your Yoobux wallet account.

Congratulations, you earned Yoobux. You are officially rewarded for your loyalty with cash. At this point, you can have the value of your Yoobux wallet transferred to any financial institution that can receive Canadian funds (conditions and possible fees will apply). You can also transfer your Yoobux to any other member in the your Yoobux friends zone. But best of all, you can keep Yoobux in your wallet and watch the value rise as more members take advantage of all Yoobux has to offer and when Yoobux pays out its market cap dividend.

As more and more members take advantage of the offers sent to their member feed, and as more and more members earn Yoobux, the Yoobux value will continue to rise to its until it reaches a pre-set ceiling. At that point, the Yoobux value will be reset to its original starting point, and each members dividend will be calculated and transferred into their Yoobux dollar account. At which, the member will be sent a notification that they have cash to be transferred to you the their personal bank account (e-transfer) as soon as possible.

Being a business owner who wishes to advertise to your local community, Yoobux allows you to reach out to members who travel through your specified geo-location zone. By offering rewards to filtered potential members you raise the chances of acquiring new customers all the while staying in contact with already existing members - allowing to further strengthen the business relationships.

As members strive to gather Yooprints to increase their Yoobux value, banner ads will need to be more relevant and ever greater to cater to all types of customers. Members will want to engage with businesses if both parties mutually benefit.

Merchants will be able to view all the members who take advantage of their banner offer and who collect their Yooprints.

Upon reviving potential banner offers, the Yoobux algorithm may send out general notifications for an array of reasons such as community interests, general offers by selected merchants, birthday offers to name just a few.

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